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Birthdays, and goodbye’s…

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This photo is what John shared with the world….

via twitter: @johnlegend Last photo before we left Capri this morning. Caesar Augustus.

Today is actually Caesar’s birthday. How ironic for John to be there, I wonder if John sung a bday song to him…lol….

It’s absolutely a gorgeous day in Capri.

I thought my day was a beautiful day, but what I wouldn’t do to view a gorgeous day like John is having.


Caesar had 3 wives and 5children, the oldest a girl, the other 4 of them adopted.

I wonder if John was telepathically communicated with Chrissy about how many children he wants.

I also wonder if Chrissy was communicating telepathically with John, till death do us part, im your 1 and only wife, Caesar had 3, but Im the only one!!!  Hahahha, lol….


As I stare, Save The Night, popped into my head.

It looks as though Caesar  is saying goodbye to the woman in his dream and reminding her to Save The Night………