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John and KanyeFalllllllllll…..

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‘All Of Me’ singer recalls minor tiffs with Kim Kardashian’s beau

John Legend has revealed that he regularly has disagreements with Kanye West

over the direction of his music, and sometimes dares to go against his wishes.

Kanye isn’t exactly known for being the shy and reserved type, so when he does pipe up with a strong opinion against something John wants, the ‘All Of Me’ singer is sometimes forced to put his foot down.

Speaking of the Daily Star about his producer, the 35-year-old said: “We always have differences of opinion.

John Legend at the ITV Studios (WENN)

“We try to get to a place where we agree on a song, but occasionally I put something on that I love and Kanye isn’t too fond of.”

However, Legend – whose new album Love In The Future was released last year – thinks Kanye’s lack of tact is what makes him so great.

Kanye West and his umbrella holder (WENN)

“He is so honest that people think there must be something else behind it, but it’s just him telling the truth as he sees it,” he explained.

“We place a premium on being polite, but it’s not the most necessary thing.

“If you look at what Kanye says and does, it might upset our sense of politeness, but has he ever actually hurt anybody? No.”