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John Speaks About The Mold In His Home

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mold readingMold remediation may be one of the most important things that you do in your home, because it can help you to protect your health. The presence of toxic mold in a home can cause serious health problems for inhabitants, and should always be taken seriously. Although you can attempt your own remediation strategy, if you have extensive mold growth in your home it is always advisable that you contact an expert to help you instead. This is because amateur strategies are less effective, and if you are not using the correct personal protective equipment then you risk exposing yourself to a large amount of mold spores. Here is some information about the main areas of the home which may require mold remediation.

Air conditioning/heating unit

If a HVAC unit is not maintained properly, and the filters and coolant are not changed as regularly as they should be, then it is possible for mold to collect in these areas. Rather than helping to improve the air quality in your home, then these systems could end up having a negative affect if mold is present. When the system is used, it may then end up disseminating toxic spores around the home and throughout the entire ventilation system in some cases. This is why you should have your HVAC system serviced regularly.


The bathroom is a very common place for mold growth, because the conditions are perfect. These rooms are often warm with high humidity levels. If surfaces are allowed to stay wet for a long time, or if the room is not ventilated properly, then it is easy for mold to begin to grow. There are also a lot of organic substances in the bathroom for mold to feed upon. Whilst the bathroom is one of the most common places in the home for mold growth, it is also one of the easiest places to clean using amateur mold remediation techniques. This is because many of the surfaces are designed to be wiped clean.

The basement

Because of their tendency to become cold and damp, mold can often be found in basement rooms. The problem is particularly prevalent in basements which have recently flooded, or basements which are also used as utility rooms. You should be very careful about storing bed linens and towels in your basement if you are using it as a utility room, because these items are very susceptible to mold if they are not aired regularly.

Ground floor carpets

If your home has not got proper damp proofing, ground floor carpets can be susceptible to mold. If cold and damp is allowed to come up through the floor, the bottom of a carpet may become moldy. Although this may not be visible when you look at the top of your carpet, it will have a serious affect on your flooring. If you do discover that your carpet has turned moldy, it is important that you employ a professional mold remediation team to have a look at it for you.


All of me (fan video)

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Hello Beautiful People,

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos for the “All Of Me” fan video! I really loved all of your beautiful submissions and am so happy to have you be a part of this song. Watch the fan video HERE. If you haven’t already, you can check out the official music video for “All Of Me” HERE. There is also an opportunity to win a copy of the lyrics to “All Of Me” handwritten by me now at MetroLyrics. Head here for details.

Lots of love,


John and KanyeFalllllllllll…..

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‘All Of Me’ singer recalls minor tiffs with Kim Kardashian’s beau

John Legend has revealed that he regularly has disagreements with Kanye West

over the direction of his music, and sometimes dares to go against his wishes.

Kanye isn’t exactly known for being the shy and reserved type, so when he does pipe up with a strong opinion against something John wants, the ‘All Of Me’ singer is sometimes forced to put his foot down.

Speaking of the Daily Star about his producer, the 35-year-old said: “We always have differences of opinion.

John Legend at the ITV Studios (WENN)

“We try to get to a place where we agree on a song, but occasionally I put something on that I love and Kanye isn’t too fond of.”

However, Legend – whose new album Love In The Future was released last year – thinks Kanye’s lack of tact is what makes him so great.

Kanye West and his umbrella holder (WENN)

“He is so honest that people think there must be something else behind it, but it’s just him telling the truth as he sees it,” he explained.

“We place a premium on being polite, but it’s not the most necessary thing.

“If you look at what Kanye says and does, it might upset our sense of politeness, but has he ever actually hurt anybody? No.”

[Photos] John and Chrissy Attends Moet Hennessy’s the Q

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John Legend attends Moet Hennessy’s The Q presented by Creekstone Farms sponsored by Miami Magazine hosted by Michael Symon featuring the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models during Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival at Beachside at Delano on February 20, 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida.

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