Let’s get NAKED……LMBO!!!!!

Hahahahha, I can’t even concentrate on the gorgeous body, or the thoughts stroking thru my head while the ”

water was glistening all over his body”, (in my Martin Lawrence voice…

I was like, WT?????????, lol, this was unexpected, but much appreciated.

I never would have dreamed this side of  John going public, now my dreams will be filled with John naked, all day

every day..

As I listen to his voice, penetrating through my speakers, I will envision him fully exposed…

Lol…..I giggle every time I press replay, replay, pause, replay…hahaha…

Anywho…..Any mention of Oprah automatically makes you want to be in the know of things..

Wonder if Oprah got to catch a peek…lol….jk….

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving us a up close and personal look…

You have to see this, check it out,

Via twitter John post,” And you thought my Oprah interview was revealing… funnyordie.com/videos/f80d724… “


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