The naked truth….

I know it’s inappropriate, and I do not mean any disrespect, and I hope known is taken. I would love to think that you understand, that many different females daydream about your opposite creation, most wish he wasn’t already taken. We know you got him, we know he’s yours, but tonight I saw this pic and had to be romance’s voice. The image entrapped every ounce of my sorrow, it placed romance in solitude’s simple quarrel.  I couldn’t hold my secret, the secret whispered to my soul, it took me deep, down where no one’s ever dove.


Then reality replaced a secret glimpse, future hope switched to Mr. and Mrs., that dude Nabil and cigarette’s.


That’s a wrizzzapppp!  Thank you @chrissyteigen  and @johnlegend  for being troopers!!  And @bumper3077 for the pic of the trifecta and my lame shorts



Finally, the one of all one’s, the look into the bedroom of the legend, and his Misses….So ladies if you wanted to think this can’t be sooo, it is… Chrissy has signed, sealed, and instagram it all…Wishing the future Mr. and Mrs. love, peace, and happiness, in the future….


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